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My husband and 8 year old son who had gorgeous curly hair went to get their hair cut today. They showed the beauticians, one who's name was Amy Bold, pictures of what they expected.

When they came home, neither of them had hardly any hair left!! I was furious!! So I went to the store, located in Kenosha, WI in the Target shopping mall, and asked to speak to whoever cut their hair. When I asked for our money back because she royally messed up their hair, her response was, "Yeah, it was cut shorter than the picture, but he paid for it." Not once did this lady apologize for butchering their hair and not leaving one single curl to be found on either of their heads!

She said she couldn't "authorize" a refund in which I said I wasn't leaving until I got our money back. She threatened to kick me out, but I left instead and my husband said he'd take care of it. He came to the car and said there was no one who could give us our money back and we'd have to leave our information. I got out of the car and went back in, sat down and said I wasn't leaving until we got our money back.

I was literally weeping over how badly these people mutilated my family's hair, but not once did she apologize or even try to make it right. When she finally got a hold of someone to refund our money, I went up to the counter and told her, "I'm going to try to say this as nicely as possible: you could have at least apologized...." She cut me off and told me that I came in and was "rude" to her in her place of employment. Well, yeah! Because you're terrible at your job.

I cut her off and said, "You left nothing left of his hair. You even admitted you cut it wrong and you won't apologize." Then she started yelling at me, so I began yelling at her, she threatened to call the cops and I said, "Please do!" as I walked out.

My husband stayed to continue giving her his information and told her, "All you had to do was apologize and you could have avoided this whole mess, but you refuse to do so," and she just kept arguing with him. Not once did Amy Bold apologize for her negligence in cutting my family's hair!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cost Cutters Haircut.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: I want compensation for the emotional damages they have caused, and for being threatened by Amy Bold, as well as being treated so poorly without any apology for her admitting she made a huge mistake!.

I didn't like: Butchered hair, Refused apology for mistake, Being threatened to have cops called on me, Completely inept, Destroyed the curls.

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While I agree the situation was completely mishandled and an apology and refund were 100% warranted, I absolutely cannot stand when people think they deserve compensation for "emotional damages" in situations like this. You are quite the snowflake if you need money to help you survive this experience.

It's a bad haircut.

Get your refund and move on. Good grief.

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