Painted Post, New York
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I'm not the type of person to make a complaint, but i was treated so poorly at my local cost cutters in painted post ny. 2 months ago i called to make an appt.

For my simple mens cut and the store had been open for 1 hr. And i called and let phone ring for 5 min. No answer, tried again because i thought maybe i dialed it wrong, called back rang again 5 min. No answer.

Waited 15 min. Called again no answer, soi called the horseheads ny location to ask if the store was closed in painted post they answered right away and were very nice and said no they should be open, just try again she stated. I said okay and waited for 5 min. To see if maybe the horseheads store would call and see what was going on down there.

So i called first ring they answered. Very very rudely, i asked if i could make an appt. Anyways they said no were to busy. So then after 2 months i cooled down about the hole situation and figured i need my hair cut bad, they r close by so i stopped in today to get a hair cut at 10 am, no customers in store at all and there were 4 workers there including the manager which was the rudest lady i ever have met, absolutely no customer service at all and they told me that it would be an 1 1/2 hrs.

Before i could get in. So i said forget it and left, there was not a soul in that store and the workers were doing nothing!!!!!! I just dont understand. The manager and staff which follows by example of the manager should be fired.

The hole store in the last 2 years has gone down hill. If a dm doesnt make changes in that location cost cutters wont have a business in painted post anymore.

I hate that place because of the staff, especially the manager. I just cant believe how bad that location has gotton.

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Dang. Can't believe it

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