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here here - pissed as well/ if go to many outlets for the price/ most times I am fine/ this time i am upset/ not only did the little girl arrive late in a 30k car with inscripted ' no touchey' logo on it/ but did not open salon for another 10 minutes as i proceeded to wait outdoors/ which was fine still because i thought she was just busy getting ready/ when i walked in she was on her cell phone talking to someone and just barely asked 'what are you here for' / she then proceeded to literally chop up my hair/ now i have been there and done that but that was awful/ how she ever got her beautician's license is beyond me/ they should screen better!@ / not only was the haircut a mess/ but she was clearly trying to push products to buy as well/ not only is all this annoying as f~ / but to come out with unmanagable hair/ that you really can't do anything about anymore except to wait until it sort of grows back out/ i sat in the chair and told her to more specificially 'balance' the haircut as i could see she wasn't doing the greatest job/ and she commented that 'oh'-okay - i will do this and 'oh' okay- i will do that/ i was in the chair! / all the while she was just dang distracted with phone calls/ then talking non-stop about absolute bs to her fellow hairdresser that also came in late and explaining to her 'her' rough morning! - too too much!- i could not just get up and leave- but *** next time- i will and NOT PAY

Review about: Cost Cutters Hairdresser.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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